Gourmet Catering
Bow Valley Gourmet Catering

Social Events

Cooking Classes

Bow Valley Gourmet will teach you or a group of friends whatever you want to learn in the kitchen. We decide on a vision of the foods you would like for you and your guests.

The Chef arrives with all the food, tools and printed recipes that we will make your class not only fun, but will leave you with the confidence to try it on your own. Once we are done we all sit down together and eat every item we created!

Fill Your Fridge

The Fill your Fridge option is for those of us who just don’t have enough time on our hands. It is ideal for the person who works long hours, the family always on the go, or for the sports team in town to train. Bow Valley Gourmet will create that valuable time you are missing. Chef Michael Anderson will create fine dining meal combinations at affordable prices. Enjoy a delicious meal in the luxury of your own busy time frame.

Sports Teams

Bow Valley Gourmet understands that sports teams need a reliable way of fueling their bodies during training. During your consultation Chef Anderson will discuss the options to custom-design a healthy menu appropriate for your team. We will arrive at your location with everything to serve your team meal. The “Fill your Fridge” option is another way for your team to maximize their training in the Bow Valley. 

Restaurant Consulting

The idea of opening a Restaurant is appealing – it is exciting and energizing. The goal is, of course to have a successful establishment. Sometimes even the greatest ideas need some adjustment.

Chef/Owner Michael Anderson has the experience and professionalism to create or shift an establishment into a positive bottom line. He has opened various Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts. He has also navigated several struggling establishments through changes that led to positive results.

“Consulting has taken me into several different Food and Beverage establishments including Hotels, Restaurants, Senior’s Care Facilities & establishing School Lunch Programs. This has allowed me to work with several great people. I enjoy sharing the passion of food and leadership with others.”

Here are a few examples of how Bow Valley Gourmet can assist:
  • Take stress off day-to-day operations
  • Create and professionally implement policies
  • Train staff with the necessary tools to succeed
  • Implement new concepts to enhance your bottom line
  • Enhance menu selections
Bow Valley Gourmet uses an “open door” policy to provide direction and to seamlessly follow through with the implementation of creative new ideas. Please feel free to contact Chef/Owner Michael Anderson and we can discuss the potential benefits of consulting during our free initial consultation.
Chef Michael Anderson of Bow Valley Gourmet surpasses one’s expectations. Chef Mike recently catered our company’s 100th Anniversary for approximately 100 people. Mike and his staff’s expertise and professionalism was of the highest calibre. The food was pleasing to the eye and more pleasing to the palate. Our highest recommendation is extended to anyone considering the culinary services of Chef Michael Anderson.
Linda Weiner